About Us

Story behind NLOW

It all started at a pretty young age when one of my favorite YouTubers (who did
Minecraft Lets Plays back then) stopped his channel and switched to fashion. I always cared about my looks but I didn't know much about fashion back then. But I liked him because of his personality, so I started following his new channel and fell in love with Streetwear. Today he has a popular brand and is successful. Thinking back it's impressive how I was there from the start. He always inspired me, so I started using Photoshop when I was like 14 years old and wanted to start
making clothing, but I was afraid of failing and people making fun of me. Now five years later the idea hit me again and this time I have a different mentality. You are reading this because I am trying to fulfill one of my biggest dreams and I will give my best to achieve that.

The Team

I don't know if you already noticed, but I am by myself. There is no Team, I just chose it as the title. I am the founder and the only one working on this brand right now. But I do have friends helping me and I appreciate them a lot. But as the brand hopefully grows I will for sure get some friends or new people to help me make this brand bigger and special.


As you could already guess, mv goal is to become successful with my brand. But not only that, it is indeed way more. I wanna build something special, something inspiring, I wanna be the motivation for other people to start
chasing their dreams, no matter how many risks there are (please don't do illegal stuff). I want to design unique clothing y'all can identify yourself with. And I am very open to any Ideas or Inspiration. In the end, this is not just any brand, It's us as a family building this brand.


Thank you very much for reading! Appreciate you a lot <3